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Free Dental Clinic Update


Nearly 46,000 Madison County residents are living below poverty level. Did you know that the average 4-day hospital stay is over $150,000.00? The Community Free Dental Clinic is trying to lighten this load for the hospital. Including all Madison County, we have over 230 dentists if every dentist would volunteer just 4 hours we would be able to be open all year (at our regular hours) without needing a dentist more than once.  Would you be interested in volunteering just 4 hours a year???!! Simply give me your email address and I’ll send out a calendar each month. You can then decide a time that would work for you. It’s that simple! If you are not interested in volunteering or maybe you hate pulling teeth would you want to see a patient in your office? Just send me an email and say I’ll see a patient each year or month…whichever. If these options don’t really fit your schedule either then how about donating supplies? When you order caviside would you order an extra case for us? I can come pick it up and its 100% tax deductible. I’ll bring a form with me for your taxes. Any basic dental supplies are greatly needed here at The Free Dental Clinic.

Julia T. Nabors

Executive Director

Community Free Dental Clinic

We need:

Cavicide           Gloves

Masks     Needles

Lidocaine/Septocaine     Sterilization pouches

Floss     Toothpaste

Paper towels     Toilet paper

Printer paper     Patient bags

Surgical suction tip     Saliva ejectors




Donations may be sent to:

The Community Free Dental Clinic

2341 Whitesburg Drive

Suite 3

Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-489-1853